About Us

We are your first port of call for information, rules and results for all of New Zealand's Lottery games: Lotto, Keno, Bullseye and Play 3. Check ticket prices and odds, check your results and see how much you've won.

Our pages also provide information about all of the world's major lotteries, from the UK and Europe to the biggest progressive jackpots from North America. Just like the New Zealand Lotto, you can check the rules and results, all on this one website.

We offer a great Tools section to help you choose your numbers based on random number generation, or using a variety of number analysis techniques and our comprehensive database of past draw data.

Together, our pages provide everything you need to learn about all of the major lottery games, both in New Zealand and overseas, to choose your numbers the way you want, and to enter those numbers into upcoming draws and claim any winnings.

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