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How to Play Play 3

Play 3 is easy to enter, but with plenty of ticket options to suit your preferred style of play. To begin with, you simply need to choose a three-digit number from 000 to 999. If you match the number with the three-digit result drawn at 06:00 p.m. each day, you win.

Along with this very simple starting point, there are several different play types to choose between:

  • 'Exact Order' means matching the exact three digits of the draw result, in the right order.
  • 'Any Order' means matching the three digits in any order, whether they are all different or two are the same (e.g. 123 or 122)
  • 'Pairs' pays out if you match two digits in:
    • Front pair: match the 1st and the 2nd digits
    • Back pair: match the 2nd and 3rd digits
    • Split pair: match the 1st and the 3rd digits
  • Exact & Any combines the 'Exact Order' and 'Any Order' play types on a single ticket.
  • Exact & Pairs combines the 'Exact Order' and 'Pairs' play types on a single ticket.
  • Exact, Any & Pairs combines all three play types on a single ticket.
  • Combo plays your three chosen digits in every possible order (e.g. 123, 132, 213, 231, 312, 321) and will cost you $3 if two digits are the same, or $6 if all three digits are different.

Ticket prices start from $1 for a single play type. 'Exact & Any' and 'Exact & Pairs' tickets cost $2, while 'Exact, Any & Pairs' will cost you $3. As mentioned above, Combo tickets depend on how many unique digits your chosen number contains.

Together, these different play types create a prize table with odds ranging from 1 in 100, right up to 1 in 1,000 for the jackpot, and prizes from $17 up to $500 for a single win.


There are no specific benefits to buying your ticket as a Dip, but if you prefer not to choose a three-digit number of your own, there is an Autopick option when it comes to filling in your play slip. Alternatively, our Play 3 Tools can help you choose a specific number to play.

Remember, if you are using Autopick or our number generator to choose your Play 3 entry, you should check whether the three digits are all different, or if two are the same, as this can affect not only your chances of winning, but also your ticket price on a Combo ticket.

Steps for Playing Play 3

  • Choose a three-digit number (or have Autopick select one for you).
  • Choose a play type: Exact, Any, Pairs, Multi-play or Combo.
  • Remember to check your ticket price if playing Multi-play.
  • Check how your Any or Combo ticket is affected by two digits being the same.
  • Choose how many daily draws you want to play.

Prize Tiers

In the table below:

  • '6-way' means all three digits are different, e.g. 123.
  • '3-way' means two digits are the same, e.g. 122.
  • A pairs win needs any two numbers matched on the exact position in regards to the winning number
  • Exact & Any, Exact & Pairs, and Exact, Any & Pairs wins simply combine the prizes from the relevant individual games.
  • Combo tickets play every exact-order combination of the chosen three-digit number, and winning matches must be exact and in order.
Play Type Win Type Odds Prize
Exact Order All 3 digits, exact order 1 in 1,000 $500
Any Order
Any Order:
1 in 167
1 in 333
Pairs Two digits in exact order

(e.g. xxo, oxx or xox)

1 in 100 $17
Exact & Any Exact and/or Any As for each individual play type
Exact & Pairs Exact and/or Pairs As for each individual play type
Exact, Any & Pairs Exact, Any and/or Pairs As for each individual play type
Exact Order:
1 in 167
1 in 333

Key Facts

  • Tickets cost from $1 per play type, with Multi-play options available.
  • Combo tickets cost $3 - $6 depending on choosing a 3-way or 6-way number.
  • Draws take place every day at 6:00 p.m.
  • Winning tickets must be redeemed within 12 months.
  • Play 3 has a fixed top prize of $500 for players who match all three digits on an Exact Order ticket.
  • If the wagers on a particular number create a potential prize payout of more than $1 million, no more wagers will be accepted on that number.

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