Play 3 Tools

Whoever thought three balls could be so much fun? It can be tiring checking your numbers, so let the Number Checker do that for you. It will tell you if you've won and if you have, how much.

Number Generator

Think of a number - actually, don't! Our Play 3 Number Generator can take care of that for you.

Play 3Number Generator

Number Analysis

Every digit matters. Our Play 3 Number Analysis tool can shed light on the best digits to pick.

Play 3Number Analysis

Number Checker

Cut through the complex prize structure by using our Play 3 Number Checker to check your ticket against past draws.

Play 3Number Checker

Most Common Pairs

Pairs matter, and our Play 3 Most Common Pairs tool helps you to see which numbers are often drawn together.

Play 3Most Common Pairs

Numbers Most Drawn

Nothing complicated here - Play 3 Numbers Most Drawn simply highlights which digits come up most often.

Play 3Numbers Most Drawn

Most Common Triplets

Which three digits come out most often? Play 3 Most Common Triplets has the answer.

Play 3Most Common Triplets

Numbers Last Seen

Don't like to play recently drawn numbers? Play 3 Numbers Last Seen tells you how long ago each digit was drawn.

Play 3Numbers Last Seen

Skip and Hit Predictions

Which numbers are due for an appearance? Our Play 3 Skip and Hit Predictions help you to find out.

Play 3Skip and Hit Predictions

Number Buddies

It's good to have friends. Play 3 Number Buddies shows you which digits are BFFs with your own chosen number.

Play 3Number Buddies

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