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NZ Lotto Results
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There are approximately 85,000 winners every Saturday night.

Lotto is:
  • A game where you pick any six numbers, from 1 to 40, or the computer will randomly select numbers for you
  • Every Saturday night six lucky numbers and one bonus number are drawn.
  • You must play a minimum of four lotto lines.
  • Lotto can jackpot for 4 consecutive weeks before a `must be won` draw.
  • If your numbers come up right on the night you're a winner
Lotto - How to Win

Every Week 6 winning numbers and a bonus ball number are drawn.
  1st Division    6 winning numbers  
2nd Division 5 winning numbers and the bonus number
3rd Division 5 winning numbers
4th Division 4 winning numbers and the bonus number.
5th Division 4 winning numbers
6th Division 3 winning numbers and the bonus number
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Winning Wheel

A Winning Wheel ticket is drawn every week. The holders of Winning Wheel tickets spin the Winning Wheel on the Live Draw program broadcast on television on Saturday nights.

Collecting Your Lotto Prize

You can claim your Lotto prize from any Lotto outlet. Prizes up to and including $1,000 may be collected by presenting and surrendering the winning ticket. When you have a ticket with prizes totaling more than $1,000 the operator will help you complete a prize form, which is sent with the winning ticket to The New Zealand Lotteries Commission. Prizes must be claimed within 12 months of the draw.

Lotto Mail Order Service

Players in remote areas who don't have access to a Lotto outlet can play Lotto by mail. For more information, send a stamped, self-addressed envelope to:

Lotto Mail Order Service
New Zealand Lotteries Commission
PO Box 3145
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