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Lotto Strike - How to Play

Pick any of the first four winning numbers out of the chute in correct order to win.

Lotto Strike:
  • A line of four numbers added to any Lotto ticket
  • To win you have to select any of the first 4 balls in the order they are drawn.
  • You can even win a prize by having just one number in the right order
  • Lotto strike can Jackpot for 9 consecutive weeks before a `must be won` draw.
Lotto Strike - How to Win

You can win once with Lotto and then again with Lotto Strike.

  Strike 4    If your four Lotto Strike numbers match the exact order of the first four Lotto numbers drawn, you could win $100,000 - and more when it's a Lotto Strike jackpot.  
Strike 3 If you match the exact order of any three of the first four Lotto numbers drawn, you win around $800!
Strike 2 If you match the exact order of any two of the first four Lotto numbers drawn, you win around $80.
Strike 1 If you match the exact order of any one of the first four Lotto numbers drawn, you win one bonus board of Lotto Strike. Claim your bonus ticket and you automatically go straight into the next Lotto Strike draw.
Lotto Strike Prize Information is delivered in our Lotto Results email service below.

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