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Oz Lotto launched in 1994, and has a 7 from 45 format. It's a single-pot game, but once the seven main balls are drawn, two supplementary numbers are pulled from the same pot. Match either of these (or both) and your prize will get a boost into a higher tier.

Entry costs AUD 1.20 (NZD 1.30) for a single ticket, with a single weekly draw on Tuesday nights at 09:30 p.m. AEST. You can buy tickets up until 08:00 p.m. AEST on the night of the draw. Advance tickets can be purchased for the next ten draws, with a Multidraw option to buy into more than one upcoming draw.

How to Play

Players choose seven main draw numbers from 1-45. To win the jackpot, all seven balls must match the main numbers drawn in the Tuesday night Oz Lotto draw. An eighth and ninth ball will also be drawn - these are the supplementary numbers.

To win any prize, you must match at least three main balls and one or both supplementary numbers, or at least four main balls. All prize tiers are calculated as a percentage of the overall prize fund, with odds of 87 to 1 on winning any prize. If you play 12 tickets, these odds improve to around 1 in 7.

Oz Lotto also allows System tickets - these play multiple combinations of your chosen numbers. Available System tickets include:

System 4, 5 and 6: 'Fewer numbers' systems. Mark only four, five or six numbers on your play slip, and increase your chances of winning a prize by reducing the number of correct balls you need to match.

System 8-20: 'More numbers' systems. Here you choose 8-20 numbers on the play slip, and the system automatically plays all possible seven-number combinations. There can be a lot of combinations - a System 20 ticket plays 77,520 lines at a cost of AUD 92,946.50.

Whichever System you choose, all of the remaining numbers you have not selected from 1-45 will also be incorporated into your total lines - so for example, a System 6 ticket plays your chosen six numbers, with each of the remaining 39 as the seventh selection. This makes 39 lines in total, at a cost of AUD 46.75.

Types of System ticket

Ticket Type No. of Games Equivalent Price Per Draw
System 41 10,660 AUD 12,781.35
System 51 780 AUD 935.20
System 61 39 AUD 46.75
System 8 8 AUD 9.60
System 9 36 AUD 43.30
System 10 120 AUD 144.30
System 11 330 AUD 396.75
System 12 792 AUD 952.20
System 13 1,716 AUD 2,063.15
System 14 3,432 AUD 4,126.30
System 15 6,435 AUD 7,736.80
System 16 11,440 AUD 13,754.30
System 17 19,448 AUD 23,382.35
System 18 31,824 AUD 38,262
System 19 50,388 AUD 60,581.50
System 20 77,520 AUD 93,202.30

1 These 'fewer numbers' systems combine your chosen four, five or six numbers with all remaining combinations of main balls from 1-45, increasing your chances of multiple wins.

Fast Facts

While Australia's Powerball game is often called 'Oz Powerball' just to avoid confusion with the US version, 'Oz Lotto' is the official name of Australia's main lottery.

Biggest jackpot: AUD 100 million (December 2013) - a third of the Australian adult population bought a ticket.


The big jackpots on Oz Lotto have kept it a firm favourite since it launched in 1994, and this peaked in December 2013 when a third of all Australian adults bought a ticket for the record-breaking AUD 100 million jackpot draw.

At its introduction, Oz Lotto was a 6 from 45 game - making it the same as the country's Saturday Lotto. On October 18th 2005 this changed with a seventh ball drawn. Some Australian states changed the name of the game to Oz 7 Lotto or Super 7's Oz Lotto, in order to highlight the change, before changing back to the simple 'Oz Lotto' branding in 2012.

Prize Tiers

The overall odds of winning any prize in Oz Lotto are around 87 to 1, although System tickets can improve this at a corresponding increase in price - buy 12 tickets, and your chances of a win are close to 1 in 7.

Match Odds Prize (% of Prize Fund)
7 1 in 45,379,620 At least AUD 2 million (40%)
6 + 1 or 2 1 in 3,241,401 1.7%
6 1 in 180,078 3.5%
5 + 1 or 2 1 in 29,602 1.8%
5 1 in 3,430 2.1%
4 1 in 154 24%
3 + 1 or 2 1 in 87 26.9%

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