SuperLotto Plus

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  • 01/07/2021 03:45:00
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The California State Lottery launched in November 1984, and the California SuperLotto game launched two years later in 1986. Since a name change in 2000 this game has become known as the SuperLotto Plus.

The draw structure is 5 from 47, with a secondary pot of 27 balls from which the Mega number is chosen. A top prize of at least US$7 million is shared between all tickets that match all five main draw numbers and the Mega number - at odds of over 41 million to one.

Match all five main numbers without the Mega number, at much more respectable odds of around 1.6 million to one, and you'll receive a payout of about US$15,000, with seven further prize tiers paying out anywhere from US$1 to about US$2,000.

The current format has changed since the California SuperLotto launched in 1986 as a 6 from 49 game. Over the years, it has also had a 6 from 53 format complete with bonus ball, and a main pot of 51 balls. Ever since the Millennium, under its current name, the format has been 5 from 47 with 1 Mega number from 27.

How to Play

The SuperLotto Plus jackpot is an exact match jackpot - meaning players must choose five main draw numbers and one Mega number on their play slip, and match all of these exactly with the balls drawn to win the jackpot.

You can choose random numbers using Quick Pick, and a single play slip can be used to play up to five lines; there is no limit on the number of play slips you can use, if you want to enter more than five times. The Advance Play option can also be used to buy into future draws, either from two to eight draws, or 16 or 20 consecutive draws.

If using Quick Pick, the player has the option of auto-generating either the five main draw numbers, or only the Mega number, or all six of their chosen numbers. This allows you, for example, to auto-generate your main numbers, but still play your 'lucky' Mega number, if you have one. You can buy up to ten tickets with a single play slip, if you use Quick Pick.

Tickets cost US$1 per line - so a maximum of US$5 for a complete play slip, or US$10 for a complete Quick Picks slip. You will also receive a 2nd Chance code for each line you play.

Draws take place twice a week, on Wednesday and Saturday, as soon as ticket sales have closed at 07:45 p.m. Pacific time.

Fast Facts

California Super Lotto launched in 1986.

SuperLotto Plus got its name and current format in 2000.

Overall odds of winning are 1 in 23.


Some of the game's biggest payouts came before it changed to its current format, including a US$56 million jackpot in 1995. A $72 million game in 2007 and a US$193 million jackpot that was split three ways in February 2002 are also among this lottery's biggest wins.

California is unusual because its lottery laws do not allow games where the total amount of prizes to be paid could be more than the available prize fund - for example, if a huge number of people all won a fixed sum. Because of this, all of its lottery games are very carefully structured to only ever pay out as much money as there is in the prize fund, which can mean even the lower-tier prizes are shared among all of the winners at that level, rather than paying a fixed amount.

Prize Tiers

Most prizes depend on matching the single Mega number at odds of 1 in 27, with only three prize tiers that do not need a match, and pay on 3, 4 or 5 main balls matched.

Match Odds Prizes (Approx.)
5 + Mega 1 in 41,416,353 At least US$7 million
5 1 in 1,592,937 US$15,000
4 + Mega 1 in 197,221 US$1,000-2,000
4 1 in 7,585 US$100-150
3 + Mega 1 in 4,810 US$50-60
3 1 in 185 US$10-20
2 + Mega 1 in 361 US$10-20
1 + Mega 1 in 74 US$2
0 + Mega 1 in 49 US$1

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